Fan Stanbrough is a professional web designer with over 15 years experience as a graphic designer and marketer. Fan is also an instructor and trainer in web design topics in Newton Community Education and Keefe Tech Continuing Education.

After obtaining her degree in Architectural Design, Fan began her career at a multinational Japanese company in China where she was trained by top Japanese and Italian graphic designers. Later she started her own design firm called “Tops” and ran it for 4 years until she came to Boston. Fan brought her deep understanding of the Chinese business environment to the US and practiced it in her first job in the US at a big online marketing company in Boston.

In 2009 she re-branded her design firm called BBDS Design. Fan has continued working in the design and marketing field. Fan is a confident, ambitious, and hard-working business woman, as well as being an organized, independent problem-solver.

In her spare time, Fan loves to cook and meet people who love Chinese culture.

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